Friday, August 01, 2014

Rough and Ready

I want to live here . . . in the past. Back in 1850 the mining town of Rough and Ready was booming. Filled with folks from Wisconsin it was a riotous place, lawless and resentful of any and all taxation and control. The U.S. Post Office demanded they change their name to Rough or Ready, either one. Nevada County went dry (no booze) and the US Government was demanding more money in taxes on mining claims.

So much so that the town father's called an assembly and the whole town voted to secede from the Union.

Lock. Stock. Barrel.

Thus the Great Republic of Rough and Ready was founded. The young Republic thrived for a short time, free of taxation and government's "helpful and guiding hand."

However, later in the summer, while preparing for the 4th of July the town fathers realized they had no reason to actually celebrate and they voted to rejoin the Union.

All this in Rough and Ready, U.S.A.

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