Monday, August 04, 2014

Movie Review in 5 Sentences ~ Hercules


The plot is simple: Hercules didn't really do the 12 deeds, he and his boon companions did, but it serves them well to keep the legends going and because of that they get hired by some King to do some stuff. A nice plot twist accompanies the movie with some really cool battle sequences that almost remind us of movies like Braveheart but trip up when they throw in a little Sword and the Sorcerer insanity (aka the weaponry of Hercules' boon companions). Rock and crew do a great job, the Samson scene is truly epic. However, it gets a little preachy with the "we don't need make believe heroes" because "there is a hero in all of us" stuff. The movie was good, go watch it, but what it really needed was to stick with the opening sequences of the 12 deeds of Hercules, those looked bad ass!!!!

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