Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life on Mars

I'm not sure this is news, or why its making the gambit now as we've had this discussion before. But scientists studying a meteorite that struck earth in 1911 and originated on Mars have determined with a high degree of likelihood that the peculiar structure within the rock is not the remnants of microbial life. Read more here.

I know we've had this conversation before. Not certain if this is a new one they discovered or applied new research techniques to it or what. The have determined its a bubble or some other anomaly.

Or it was a life form. As noted above we've determined that this type of organism can live in extreme environments, under crazy conditions. The sun is not necessary and if water is, which is a big if, we know water remains on Mars and can assume was there in the past.

The real surprise on Mars is going to be if we DO NOT find life there.

We just need to go.

post script: how lucky was this chunk of rock? it got knocked off of Mars some time ago, floated around, no doubt being pulled to the sun, but was saved by the Earth! pretty cool.

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