Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Into the Morass of Time

Kekki came to the Ethvold after its first flowering, but before the Ethrum. There he found the gardens of Tefnut and seeing them, he desired them. But his mind was not bent toward their beauty, but rather the desire to devour them. Only the wasting away of things summoned his attention.

Where the water grinds down riverstone lies Kekki, where the rain shapes the hill, or the root breaks the earth, or time wastes all, Kekki lies. It is with an eye toward the sorrow and evil of loss that Kekki's mind is bent, not the nobility of spirit that comes with the passing of years. He lords over the waste of time and loves the ruin of it and he is altogether without emotion. He is not evil. He is not good. He just is. Tefnut never warmed to him and he took the guise of a long, legless creature, and from him all snakes came into the world.

At times the slow wastage of time would fail to satisfy him; then he would appear amongst men as a force of chaos and destruction. Often summoned from distant realms of delight, he would return and vie with Amenut for dominance of the Ethvold and its people. Once in a great while, his priests would gain the upper hand and he lorded over the forest in a horrible reign of death and madness. For this reason all men hated him and his worship was punishable by death. When the Ethvold diminished so did he, so that he took his favorite form and sank into the morass of that timeless forest.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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