Friday, August 01, 2014

Hateful Eight

A poster has leaked for the Tarantino movie that Tarantino vowed never to make. As you may recall someone leaked the script last year and he raised a cuss over it and vowed never to make the movie and tried to sue the internets. Nothing ever came of any of it, and he's making the film anyway, which makes one wonder if it wasn't a publicity stunt.

I do wish he'd dig into his roots and give us some really good, compelling stories. He's a good film maker, but he's not hit his mark like he did with penning True Romance (one of my all time favorite movies) and of course Pulp Fiction. I watched Inglorious Bastards but it missed the mark by a wide margin for me, and I didn't see Django Unchained (mainly because of Bastards).

No idea what the Hateful Eight is about, but I'm guessing by the last 3 or 4 films he's done, and the blood trail behind the wagon in the poster, that it will be yet another revenge flick with lots of yelling with no real tension.


Stu Rat said...

It's like Magnificent Seven, but there are 8 of them. And they rob the villagers before the bandits get there. I'm guessing.

Christopher D. said...

Give Django Unchained a shot. I didn't like Bastards either, but enjoyed Django. Disclaimer: Hated Pulp Fiction!

Troll Lord said...

Stu. hahha Yeah, probably. That sounds about QT.

Christopher. That's the second recommendation for that movie. Mac Golden (cowrote C&C) things I'll enjoy it. I do like Leonardo, he carries a good roll. Really enjoyed blood diamond. I may have to give it a watch. and hahah about Pulp fiction, but it does have that line "you digget the most baby" which is pretty funny!