Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dogs of Yesteryear

If you've ever watched A Lion in Winter with Peter O'Toole and Kathryn Hepburn you are probably familiar with the scene in the great hall where they are feasting and making merry. It is a perfect scene. Contained in a small hall, with men and women heavily dressed against the cold, hay on the floor, wooden tables, a few tapestries, but mostly stone walls, flickering lights and so on. And roaming about the room are several large dogs. They eat scraps that fall on the floor, bark and simply add an element of comfort to the hall.

Dogs have been with us a long time.

In Denmark archeologists have been digging around Castle Bornholm and amongst the many curiosities they found, they unearthed this flagstone. The photo, taken by J Janowski shows someone's dog wandering across the unsettled concrete (?). Full story about the dig here.

Dogs. Gotta love em.

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