Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Judgement

Corthain turned then to the hosts of men and cast judgment upon them. “In your greed, you sought the gifts of immortality. You sought to become what you are not. You sought aid from the Val Eahrakun, and they gave it when they should not have, for that was not the will of the All Father. For this, I lay my judgment upon you. You were made mortals who saw many years before the Stone Fields, and mortals you shall remain but your years I cut short. Not even as the chosen peoples will I suffer you to live. Forever more your days on Aihrde will be short and your lives spent in hurried vanity. Ask not for forgiveness, nor seek atonement, for there is none from me, nor ever shall be.”

The judgment of Corthain left man in the shell of mortal beings, and but for a few, they lived ever shorter lives.

Corthain’s judgment had a far greater affect than he ever intended. In his rage he unleashed the power that he would later infuse into rebuilding the Wall of Worlds, and he bound the Val Eahrakun from directly interacting with men or any of the peoples of Aihrde. Only through prayer and worship and very powerful incantations could the Val Eahrakun come to the world in any form, for the Judgment bound them to not interfere. The Og Aust suffered most of all.

Corthain broke the Wall of Worlds and returned to his fortress in the Void. From that day to this he was ever known as the Slayer of Gods.

So ended the first years of man.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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