Thursday, August 28, 2014

Comic Con Heading Out?

It seems that Comic Con San Diego has been growing alot in recent years. They have filled up the convention center, flooded to overflowing the hotels and pushed their venue out from the convention center. Requests to San Diego to expand the center seemed hopeful but have apparently not been successful as the City Council voted to not expand the center.

That's probably a very bad move. I'm not sure of the economics, but having 10s of thousands of people flood your local community for a week or so every year has to pump up the wallet, and governments (everywhere) need cash like a drug addict needs a fix (all the time and however they can get it).

Because if the convention center doesn't expand, the show's owners are thinking of moving the event elsewhere.

Wow. The San Diego Comic Con not in San Diego. Makes since, Geneva Con is now Gen Con and lies in Indianapolis. Its the nature of success.

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