Friday, August 01, 2014


Isn't that what Han Solo was frozen in?

Carbon is everywhere. Because they create limestone when they poop, and limestone traps carbon, ants trap carbon in their poopy limestone. Ants began covering the globe 65 million years ago, trapping carbon, changing the environment by taking out carbon.

"While he's only speculating at this point, Dorn said he thinks the sheer biological mass of ants working in concert could have removed significant quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere since the insects expanded their numbers starting 65 million years ago."


Then we read over at Space that microbes began breeding so fast in the end-Permian period that they over populated, created too much carbon and the carbon in the atmosphere caused a carbon overload and that carbon killed all the fish and land animals in the world's largest carbon extinction.

I'm beginning to think that the word carbon is a bit over used. Its becoming like Elvis. Its everywhere. Its almost as if the entire scientific community has learned a new word and uses it for everything!

Now the Carbon Dance Theatre celebrates the End-Permian Ant Didn't save Them Dance!

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