Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Arnie Makes the World a Better Place

We know that Arnie is deeply committed to the new Conan franchise. We hear a release date of 2015 and we also hear there may be more than just one, which would be fantastic. Though Conan the Destroyer wasn't as good as Conan the Barbarian (largely a script issue), it does not land on Arnie's plate. He played the rolls given him.

And Conan the Barbarian was just plain cool.

Now we have Maggie. An Arnie Zombie flick set for release in 2015. It was supposed to debut earlier but Lionsgate picked up the movie and is promising a full release next year.

This is good news for Arnie as his box office draw has not been great recently (though his latest movies have been really good) which probably means that digital sales have been strong.

Its better news for us, because we have a better chance of seeing Arnie Kill Zombies!!!

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