Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Now this is a suit of armor. Not sure how realistic it is, not being an armorer. But it looks cool and as if its not over done as too often the movies tend to do. Armor can be pretty heavy, seeing how its all made of metal. 

This is Leelee Sobieski from the movie Joan of Arc.


jeff hallett said...

Yes, very nice. Haven't seen this version of Joan, but will look for it. (Is it ok to say Joan of Arc is "hot"?)

Anonymous said...

Hot when you died on a pyre. Yes it's ok to say that.

Troll Lord said...

That was a little sad, but pretty funny. hahah

I haven't seen this version either, I did enjoy Milla Jovovich's version. Of course, she's like the Queen of the hobby world with all the sci fi, zombie etc movies she's done.

Troll Lord said...
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StuRat said...

It's from In the Name of the King not Joan of Arc.

Anonymous said...

In the Name of the King

Now *that's* sad, but I thought she looked familiar.