Monday, August 25, 2014

Amazing Adventures Kickstarter begins now!

Join us now in growing TLG’s signature Siege Line of RPGs! Amazing Adventures, now on Kickstarter, adapts the signature Siege Engine Attribute Check system to the Pulp Genre. It allows you to create any type of pulp adventure hero you want, and customize them as you like! Be it arcane scholars, mentalists, tomb-raiding archaeologists, Asian martial arts masters, or gangsters and G-Men, this game has you covered.

We released Jason Vey’s Amazing Adventures at Gencon 2012. We released it as a simple, one book, softcover RPG that contained all the essentials to get you playing in a madcap world of Pulp adventure. Two years on, it’s time to give this game a make over.

We want to see AA out as a hardback book, plus we want to publish a Manual of Monsters and the Amazing Adventures Companion, expand the adventure base and bring ever more game to the table.

Grow your game!


Timothy Brannan said...

Awesome. One of my favorite games!

Anonymous said...

Great book, but the art needs to show PULP, not Steampunk. A Whole other genre.