Thursday, April 24, 2014

That's Why Georgia is so Bumpy

For a long great while geologists have pondered on the large, odd rock formations with unusually high magnetism beneath the surface of Georgia and Alabama. They have recently unearthed the reasons (see what i did there?) and have come to the conclusion that that region was part of a suture that connected the two continents 250 million years ago.

I think that means that Florida was almost part of Africa…if the rock had broken differently or the Gulf of Mexico could be filled with Tarzan's jungle.


StuRat said...

The rock forming the Atlas mountains in N. Africa is the same as the rock forming the Uplands in Brazil; showing that at one time the were part of the same formation.

Troll Lord said...

Sometimes when I imagine the super continent i see the world spinning faster because the weight is lopsided. hahhaa