Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Of the First Light

When the first lights of Mailahm fell upon the ground Moridus' purpose blossomed and strange plants and grasses grew, spreading across the land, drinking the silvery light of the moon. And these are accounted the first living things that came to the world apart from Erde, and they are called the Fael Mur, though they are not accounted of the order of the Val-Austlich. For an age the world blossomed in the light of Mailahm and she rode the heavens and the grasses caught the curtained light of her first form and ever after reflected that light.

But it was Mailuhm's power that caused the world to explode in life for her heat was so great and the warmth of her passage beyond all that any had expected. And her passage lifted the water on high so that the winds could carry it far and wide. The grass grew deep and green, in thick waves it spread over the world; and plants grew as well, springing from the soil to tangle in broad lands of bush. In sorrow Mordius saw the end of the Fael Mure for many of those plants could not withstand the heat of Mailuhm. Though some she stole away to hidden groves so that only Mailahm graced them with her touch and in this she saved the world in after ages, though she planned it not.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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