Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Asteroids Pummel Earth

Not surprising, but those studying the earth's various spheres have discovered that more asteroids hit the earth than previously thought . . . by whom I'm not sure. But it seems some 16 or so have hit us in the past decade. Not a bad score.

Its an interesting video but like all the fear mongering that goes on these days it leaves us thinking that this is new. Of course its not new. Its been going on for about 4 billion years, or however long we've been running about the sun. It goes on to discuss the strategy of "blind luck" that earth practices as if there is some planetary defense force that is plotting and planning to defend the earth from the Predators and Aliens.

There is. There is no strategy. Its like having a strategy to avoid a tornado. You can move if you see it coming, but sometimes, sadly, you don't.

No reason to live in fear.

Cool video though.

Well we do have this guy…

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