Friday, March 07, 2014

Zorro Reboot

Looks like Warner Bros. is looking to reboot the Zorro franchise. The last battery of Zorro movies were fun flicks where we watched Antonio Banderas roll through the bandit wilds of Mexico. These were as tongue in cheek as serious. Not so on the reboot.

Fencing master turned writer Chris Boal is taking over the script and set to pen something a bit grittier. The plan this time is to give it more of a Batman feel, make it dark, gritty, fraught with emotional realism and the internal struggles that all modern crime fighters have . . . or rather Hollywood would like them to have.

At any rate, we are at the beginning of this journey so I suspect a year or two at the earliest. Just so long as they don't wreck it like they did the Lone Ranger . . .

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