Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who is the Scarlett Witch

I was reading some 'news' this morning and read that the Scarlett Witch is finally going to be realized and a screen shot was now available. Being somewhat curious, I thought, who in the hell is the Scarlett Witch.

Another Marvel Superhero. How many are there? So I went over to the Marvel wiki thing and read about the Scarlet Witch. Does it ever seem like someone somewhere is grasping at straws? Also, it also appears that a rather complex tree of interaction is being developed as I still do not know who her real father is.
And then there was this,
Wanda has since been living on Wundagore mountain in apparent powerless obscurity. Thus far only Hawkeye, seeking closure after his multiple deaths and resurrections at Wanda's hand, has sought her out.
Damn, poor Hawkeye.

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