Thursday, March 20, 2014

What I am Working on

So this make me laugh. Years ago, many years ago, when Steve and I attended a Gen Con in Milwaukee we were sauntering around from one place to the next late at night. We had the unfortunate experience of running into every single bum and beggar Milwaukee owned and managed at the time. We were, quite simply, overrun with bums begging for money, cigarettes, booze, food, rides and whatever else it is a bum might need that it felt like a bum apocalypse.

Later that night I invented the game, Run the Bums. The idea is simple, you start out with x number of things (money cigarettes, booze what have you) and you have to make it back to you hotel room with as much as possible avoiding bums, barkers, muggers, beggars and the occasional representative of our government, the IRS local taxman.

Oh and an occasional drunk driver.

Anyway, Steve asked me where I was on that!

Ten years into development and one would think I would further than this

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