Monday, March 17, 2014

Upon the Flntlock

The Flintlocks are a southern spur of the Grundliche Mountains. They range higher in the east, descending the further west they go. The Flintlock ranges from jagged, steep inclines to soft, rolling hills. Throughout the whole there are steep and shallow valleys, long narrow ridges and massive boulder fields, generously spread amongst the low peaks and rounded mountains. To the south there are finely wooded areas with many red cedars and tall thin pines.

Water is plentiful, as moist air rolls across the hills from the Ashen Gap. The snows fall heavy and thick during winter, blanketing the entire region in a perpetually white drift.

The hills and valleys, cliffs and peaks are dotted with fortresses, mines, caves, houses, farmsteads and the like. Many are abandoned but some are still held by the gnomes who live here in great numbers. These friends to the dwarves were once part of the kingdom extending from Grundliche Hohle. But no more, the wars with the Punj left the region out of the Mountain Kingdom’s territory and the gnomes call themselves kings of their own now, ruled by the Clan Thanes.

There are 47 clans that reside here. Stout and harsh, the gnomes patrol the mountains incessantly, scouring the landscape of any and all unwelcome intruders. Many foul creatures keep them busy, for without the aid of the Grundliche dwarves, the gnomes face enemies they never had to battle before. The place is becoming positively dangerous to travel through, as more and more creatures of ill intent make there way to these lands. Gotzenburg Keep, long a gwarf stronghold, is held by orcs now. They hold to the old ways, are fiercely organized and ruled by the Anjak (Orc King), Rwin of Ateck, a large burly orc with an eye for human slaves.

                  ~ The Codex of Aihrde

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