Monday, March 10, 2014

The Terrain in my Head

There is something about scenery at the table which increases my immersion in the game. It increases my desire to play a game as well. I like Something physical to look at and hold. I dot much enjoy, or, more correctly I should I am not as drawn to computer games, movies, comics etc. Books provide Something else. This is a type of sensory pleasure, like music.

Oddly, miniature detract from some people's game experience. I say oddly not meaning 'that' to be odd, but rather odd in the sense that I can not grasp why that is the case. I can imagine and understand a lot of things even those things I disagree with. I can not understand this, which makes me think, that's odd.

Todd is sorta that way. We have been gaming and been friends for well, a long ass time. I still don't get it. He once said they get in his way at the table. Yeah I can see that. But seriously detract? I think for those people more of the game is going on in their head than in mine. Maybe? Again I don't know.

What I do know,is that I am ending my long hiatus from scenery making and mini painting and gonna bring some scenery to the table.

I am also going to shortcut and buy some, like maybe some from Kobblestone Miniatures.


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