Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Terrain building will begin shortly

All right, so rummaging around I found a Woodland Scenics grass mat like the one below,
Its a generic summer mat. For anyone who has one, you know what I am talking about. They are nice color wise I suppose but have absolutely NO character. The problem I have had with these mats in the past is getting them to lay out flat. Once rolled, it appears that no amount of glue, staples or nails is gonna get that thing flat.
So I am going to try something new.
Home Depot was selling some 18x18 inch pink foam squares (the pink insulation foam as below).
I have always wanted to use pink foam squares as modular terrain pieces but without investing the space and money to get the proper cutter my foam squares will always look like Euclidean geometry as seen interpreted by Piccaso. Not Square.
I have these two things now, some gorrila glue, some wood glue and some tacky glue. All right, So this is what I going to try. I will humidify the roll of grass in the hopes to break that papers memory, then staple and glue its corners and such to the foam. This will be followed by a re-grasssing of the sheet and light texturizing. Not a total regrassing but enough to cover the staple and such.
If this does not work out then I am going to toss the grass mat and just grass up the pink foam.
And work out from there.

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