Thursday, March 20, 2014

Strange Monsters fro realz

I used to get a laugh out of all the strange monsters one could find in any Game setting. Just looking through the various monsterous manuals and splatters of splat books and modules of doom, the sheer weight of monstrous diversity was enough to make me crack one smile after another. The utter ridiculousness of many left me aghast as I often think they have no place in a 'real fantasy' setting.
Then my head screws on right as my pointy eared, furry footed character casts a fireball into the mouth of an icy creature from the wretched planes.
And then there is this. The Anzu Wyliei. This crazy dinasour is roughly 10 feet tall, four or five hundred pounds, 'eats the eggzez' and perhaps other small and well, not so small prey.
nip tuck a party wandering through the savanah.
Anzu is a an summerian or persioan lesser god who stole some table of destiny or some such. The bird/lion bird could breath fire and water.
Just google it. Ok I did. I stand corrected.

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