Monday, March 10, 2014

Speaking of sensory pleasures at the table, some people don't like music

We play a track of 'battle' music while playing the game. Many games have the same background effect andI think most people appreciate this. Now some people really like music. I like some music but in small spells. I am that person walking around asking everyone else to turn off their music (well in my house anyway). Steve is always playing some crap at the office. Got White Rabbit on now (I like that song but dang Steve, turn it down. A minute ago it was some 'zuper geisty' german song or something.

So, my wife tells me I don't like music. And I am always like, no I don't like noise! LOng story short - no radio in car, nno radio in office, no iTunes thingy magnifies, no CDs etc. Maybe I do not like music.

I may be the 1 in a 100 who don't respond to music.

Maybe? I do like some music.

Like this….

The only problem with this is that there are instruments and vocals being used to express the sounds of silence. Seriously, the sound of silence should be the easiest 'music' to make.


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