Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sausage and Mercenaries

So, I just found out about this. This guy Zwingli ( a priest) did not like the use of Swiss mercenaries all over Europe (he was not a pacifist but was Swiss and deplored the idea of Swiss dying in other lands for others purposes).  SO, he liked sausages or something. During a lent, when some workers got some sausages for they wa hungry.

So a big debate occurs about eating sausages and Zwigli comes to the workers defense. This leads to a type of Luther affair in Switzerland and the beginning of the reformation in Switzerland. Zwigli was basically taking advantage of a situation (which he probably did not care that much about) to voice his concerns about the power of the church and to somehow influence the use of Swiss mercenaries abroad.

You can read about in broken parts here. 

Sorta interesting. The rest is up to should you be interested.


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