Friday, March 07, 2014

Comic News

Harlan Ellison's Star Trek screen play City on the Edge of Forever is coming out in comic form. It won many awards in its day, but was recrafted a number of times before it was finally filmed. The IDW comic will bring the story back to its roots this summer. Look for it in June.

Attack on Titan, the emotionally gripping manga title (both in graphic novel form and animated) is ripping up the manga titles and remains in the number one slot. If you haven't had a chance to watch or read this, give it a go, this stuff is pretty wild. Good characters. It is described as the "Walking Dead of Japan."

Justice League returns to the General Mills! DC and the cereal maker have joined hands again, this time to put out five Justice League special comics in specially marked boxes of cereal. I love this idea, linking two of my favorite things…cereal and comic books. Look for these in coming months.

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