Thursday, March 20, 2014

Big Bang in the Bag

So there are a lot of articles out now headlining proof of the big bang and such. This has occurred since Stanford? has recently released its study in which those quantum gravitational waves were observed. Something something science and such leads them to believe these only resulted in the big bangs inflationary period.

I don't doubt what the scientist are saying, I just find the reporters manner of reporting it galling. Now in all honesty I quit watching the news years and years ago and started gearing my reading to experts in particular fields (which has its own problems) but I am just a little ranty this morning after having read that some reporter over at CNN floated the possibility that a black hole swallowed the missing malaysian airlines.

Proof positive, cementing the big bang, undeniable proof, as expected and yada yada. Ok it adds a great deal of credence to the big bang, we get it, we may be 95% there but its science, we always gotta look and say, uuu maybe not. But not with the black hole thing. no no no. some things just no.

But then again, I am Conan, I am Conan, I am Homer Simpson.

ugg I am going back to sleep.


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