Monday, July 23, 2012

This is Bad Assery

On August 5th of this year Curiosity lands on Mars . . . or so we all hope. Its a geological mission whose over-riding purpose is to find out if Mars had life on its crusty soil at one time or not and an ancillary mission to better understand whether we can colonize the planet (we'll do that eventually of course, its only a matter of time).

NASA released this video about the space craft, it is worth 7 minutes of your time on this Monday morning.

post script: I think I would have named this something a little different, like God Stomp!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I mean seriously, wow.

On an aside, the term bad assery has more than one use.

Baddassery; a shop selling an assortment of gentlemen's canes and walking sticks.

Baddasserist; someone who works at a baddassery.

Stephen Chenault said...

Okay that just made my day! LOL

I think I have to start selling canes through TLG so I can call myself a baddasserist!