Friday, July 27, 2012

The mostly aptly named planet is Neptune of course. The true blue marble, it drifts through the crowded waves of space in majestic silence, though a gas giant, it seems to be a world of water.

This is a true realm for the god of the seas! Here Neptune plunges to the limitless gulfs and wages battle against the dread kracken! 

(As a side note this is why the Greeks and Romans conquered the world. They woke up in the morning to get water from the communal well, rubbing their eyes, scratching themselves and were greeted every day by THAT STATUE! I wake up and see a fire hydrant. They see the eternal struggle between man and nature. I see man's fear of fire. They see themselves plunge the iron spear of their destiny into the mindless eyes of the kracken! Victory! Triumph! I still see the hydrant. If I look hard, a speed-limit sign further up the street.)

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