Friday, November 04, 2011

Turns Out . . .

Turns out that after a millenia has passed Beowulf is still the toughest of heroes. He took on Grendle with his bare hands, dropping even his clothes (or so some accounts relate) and tore his arm off and beat him with it. Grendle's demon/giant/cow of a mother suffers a similar fate, losing her head in the contest and at last Grendle, about 70 odd years old tackles a dragon. Thought the dragon seems to best him...he is 70 years old after all and who wouldn't get a little winded at 70...some knucklehead comes to help him. Who can say whether Beowulf would have stomped the dragon eventually or not.

But Beowulf still stands tall as the world's greatest hero!

Who knew?


anarchist said...


Apologies for the off-topic comment, but I couldn't find a contact email for you.

I've recently put out an ebook of my writing, called The New Death and others. It's mostly short stories, with some obvious gamer-interest material. For example I have a story inspired by OD&D elves, as well as poems which retell Robert E Howard's King Kull story The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune and HP Lovecraft's Under the Pyramids.

I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a review on your blog (either a normal book review, or a review of its suitability as gaming inspiration).

If so, please let me know your email, and what file format is easiest for you, and I'll send you a free copy. You can email me ( or reply to this thread.

You can download a sample from Smashwords:

I'll also link to your review from my blog.


Stephen Chenault said...


No problem. Send me a copy over to troll at


anarchist said...

Thanks. I've emailed you a pdf. Please let me know if you want a different file format.