Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Runic Lore

Working hard on the Rune Mark class from Winter Runes. Its finally come together and should be presentable by close of business tomorrow. I've abandoned much of the d20 approach to the class and his spell use, rather adopting a method developed by Casey Christofferson for runic magic. This should put WR on easy street. So essentially this book will be packed with tons of setting material, a bunch of one on adventures, 45 new spells, new magic and a new approach to the wizard/illusionist class, all this for your C&C Game!

I think I will also launch a pre-order bundle page for Winter Runes later this week.

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Omote said...

Great cover. Great colors. Really looking forward to this C&C book. This should be a great addition to the Aihrdian setting, but even better for the C&C game. It will open many eyes, that much I'm sure of.