Monday, November 14, 2011

I threw my computer to the Ground

Seriously. I got mad and threw my computer to the ground. It turned into a thousand glittering shards of metal and plastic. Well the plastic did not glitter. It lay there in a dull spatter of petrochemical detritus.

Threw it on the ground.

I am using the following ancient instruments to write.



gregarious monk said...

The old tools are still sometimes the best. More permanent, more secure and more flexible than higher technology. I can't remember the last time my pencil crashed.

One big drawback, though: somewhat harder to share and index.

Stephen Chenault said...

There is a song about this here:

Nicole Chenault said...

So I see the respect for technology runs deep in the den. :)

And of course there's a song, hahaha!!! That was fun.

Molly Johnson said...

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