Monday, November 21, 2011

Fantasy Gods Portrayed

PERFECTLY. Davis, Todd and I piled out to the movies last night, watched the Immortals. The movie is good, a fun watch, sometimes a little slow, but all that paled as the end roared upon us in a wild orgy of fantastic battle sequences. But the coolest thing about the movie is how the gods are portrayed. They don't sit around like dandy's from Louis XIV's court, but are beautiful creatures with terrible power. The Ares scene was through the roof where he destroys a score of humans in a second. Awesome stuff!

It does deviate from Greek mythology quite a bit, but ignore that. Those gods are just cool!

Catch this one if you can!

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Philo Pharynx said...

I don't remember much about the movie. I was too boggled about the amazing variety of bad headwear. Somebody had a hat fetish. From the headgear with an oil lamp (don't bend down to retie your sandal), to the wireframe fish, to the bordello lampshades, to the sword mohawk, to the lobster/bunny/pirahna helmet.