Thursday, November 03, 2011

Classic Monsters

Several years ago, at Gencon, Aldo Ghiozzi of founder of Free RPG Day pitched me on using Kickstarter as a way to fund projects. It came up in the never ending discussion about Cleaver the Pit. It was something to consider for certain, as board games can be very expensive and risky, especially Cleaver as Davis envisions it (price point should be about $74,999.99 once all is said and done and you should have arena in your back yard). But caught up in the maelstrom of Aihrde, the CKG and various and sundry other projects (expanding the print shop) the idea slipped from the discussion.

Kickstarter popped up last month in a discussion with Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games. Tom and I are always spit balling ideas (turns out he's a pretty smart guy! who'd a thought it). And it slowly dawned on me that Kickstarter might be a perfect vehicle to allow people to pre-order just about anything, and to do something we've long desired, pre-order it in the format they want. We've tried this on the new store front but it hasn't worked as we lack key elements organizational capability at the store, but Kickstarter has none of those limitations.

So we fished about for a project to Kickstart an came up with Classic Monsters The Manual. It fits the bill perfectly. We are soon to press with it, lacking only some art that needs to go in (some still needs to be done). So we pulled the trigger.

Today we launched Classic Monsters Monster Manual on Kickstarter. Hop on over and pre-order that book and all the goodies that come with whatever level you want. There's a video with some pretty cool music to boot!


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Eldrad Wolfsbane said...

My problem with C&C was always not enough monsters but you are solving that problem. Keep coming out with more monster books!