Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Memories of a Traveling Publisher

I sometimes wish that I could go back in time, stop the fellow I was then and tell him… What? I don’t know exactly. Maybe I just want to be in his shoes with the knowledge I have now.

But where would the fun in that be, knowing the end in the middle?

One of my fondest memories from the early days of Troll Lord Games is a night, I was laying in the bed of the truck, beneath the camper shell on the cot we had back there, waking up in the middle of New Mexico somewhere. I remember looking out the little window, screened as it was, and watching the dark interstate lumber by, the long white line. Beyond that was an arid darkness of faint scrub brush and shadowy forms I only guessed were rocks, but whose shape defied the dark’s understanding. The mountains, low as I remember, ran the horizon, crowned with the blue-black dome of the sky as it climbed ever higher, illuminated by a thousand stars who danced their lonely vigil over mountain, scrub, truck, and white-lined highway.

I lay there for a long time watching that country roll by. I don’t remember what thoughts ran through my mind, whether I was awestruck by beauty or working on wayward plans of what TLG would do next, of how we would break out. Probably it was both, one leading into the other, the world’s beauty lost in the world’s never ending fight for sustenance.

What would I tell him. In those beginning days when we didn’t know what we were doing but did it anyway. What would he want to hear? 

“Move along!” I would probably say. As I was not so patient then, as I am now.

This picture was taken from the internet. I do not know whose it is, but it is similar to the view I would have seen. Sadly all our pictures from the early days were lost when Todd Gray's phone was stolen back in '03.

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