Friday, October 30, 2020

Ineffable Creatures

The katamak are ineffable creatures that were born of errant thoughts of Ea-Raena. They dwell in the deeps of the Gray Waste, listless and without purpose. They appear as young fey, innocent and filled with wonder. But they long for more. When they spy a soul, cursed to wander alone, they snare them in a loving embrace. Taking some aspect of that soul's life they recreate it...sitting and talking in two chairs before a fireplace, cultivating a rose in a garden beneath a window, but the creation is never complete, the fireplace has no room, the garden window no house. But the katamak do not understand that it is incomplete and repeat it time and time again. The lost soul is ensnared, unknowingly reliving some shadow of its life. In the end this is salvation of sorts, for otherwise Gehenna would unmake the soul so that it would be as if it never was. ~ from A Guide to the Planes


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