Friday, September 05, 2014

Supergirl to the Small Screen

Supergirl has seen the success of Arrow, and the expected wide release of both Flash and Gotham this Fall and decided she need's her own tv show as well. She's a great DC character but I suspect will have the same problems marketing Superman, its just a hard concept to get one's head around (Arrow and Gotham are both grounded in the criminal element) as her powers are something above the normal, so pitching villains her way will be challenging...pitching villains that the audience can believe in. With luck they'll keep it all low key, that seems to be a working approach.

From all accounts, the writers will take a fresh approach with the character.

Warners Bros is doing it (they own DC) and will begin shopping it around to the networks to see who takes a bite (Fox picked up Gotham).

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