Can I have some stew with that

Fourth week into January and things seem to be under control. Last week was a very good week in that my time is finally being freed to concentrate on things like products announcements, making sure everyone has assignments, contacting retailers, etc etc

We've shipped two products this month and a third will go tomorrow (Chimera's Roost, East Mark Folio and Engineering Dungeons). I have a fourth, Monsters of Aihrde III that should be released in electronic format in the next day or so.

I'm working with the boards to come up with a better announcement system about what's coming and what's available. I've created a News section and separate products by type. You can check that out here.

And lastly Peter and I worked on some layout issues on the covers for the books. I've not been happy with the yellow in the covers as it tend to be a bit overwhelming. So we've done some adjustments and covers will begin to reflect the art on their front, a way to draw the viewers attention to the art itself. You see that first on Engineering Dungeons by Robert Doyel.

My email is beginning to get a little bogged down, but I'll hit it tomorrow.

And in personal news: Mac, Mark and I went to Rambo last night, and holy carolina. THat move rocked!! Its not a kinder gentler Rambo. Or even a campy one. That movie is brutal, pulls no punches and is brutal. Very, very, very good flick. I would highly recommend it, but it is not for the faint of heart.

Thanks for playing.
He Who Sits on the Elephants Back