Monday, February 01, 2016

Kickstarter for 5th Edition Gamers!

All those who tread the paths of the wild, who crawl through the lost dark, plunder treasures of the ancients, must surely find themselves alone and bereft of friends. It is in those moments, when the cold creeps up your spine, and the hair rises, that you most need a stalwart companion at your side; a wolf to bare fangs, a named sword of cold steel and magic, an owl to see into the darkness, a muse to whisper songs of the ancients, a shadow... these are the companions you truly need.

5th Edition Familiars & Companions is the ultimate resource for all your familiars and companions. In a well balanced approach we bring the classic animal companion back to life. We restore the wizard's familiar to its prominent place. But there is so much more....

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