Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Digitizing World War Posters

FIGHT or Buy Bonds!

Whether you're a history buff or love a good pulp game, this is incredible stuff. Head on over and take a look!

From the source:

"The Pennsylvania State Archives, in cooperation with the State Library of Pennsylvania, has digitized a collection of World War I posters from its Manuscript Group 200 – Poster Collection and made them available online. This assemblage consists of 258 posters, most of which include color or black-and-white illustrations. The posters were produced primarily on a national scale, although some were also made locally. Most were created in the United States, however, a number were manufactured in Europe, particularly in Britain, France and Italy. Some portray famous and legendary figures such as Joan of Arc and Uncle Sam, while others feature illustrations of common soldiers and civilians. The posters helped to fan the fires of patriotism throughout the United States during the Great War, and helped to transition the country’s position from one of isolationism to one of openly becoming military partners with the Allied Forces in Europe."

Then, once you've got your hackles up to run a pulp game set in the teens, roaring 20's or all the way through World War II, why not pick up Amazing Adventures and give it a go?