Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Castles & Crusades is on Bundle of Holding!

Troll Lord Games is proud to announce that we are now on Bundle of Holding for the first time ever! We've been wrangling to get on here for some time now, mainly because it is just such an awesome concept and our fans love it and we've been fans of theirs for some time.

For those not familiar with Bundle of Holding, it's an amazing website where you can get some very very good deals, plus some bonus tittles along the way. They contract with lucky publishers like ourselves to offer these packages at rock bottom prices.

The beauty of it is that you can choose which level you want to pay, but they are all great prices.  And then if you pay the current threshold price, you get any bonus titles that come out after that. It's just very, very cool and you have to check her out if you can.  But check it early to get the best prices.


Whoever has the "Highest Wisdom" at the end of the Bundle of Holding will receive an extra goody box from Troll Lord Games.  Make room on your bookshelf for a signed leather book and much more if you are the highest contributor!