Monday, February 23, 2015

Simple is Good

We got to play a great deal this weekend. We piled up to the mountains for Troll Moot 3 and gamed for three days. We did some playtesting on a multi-genre game, the core for Comrades, and ran a bunch of Castles & Crusades. Lots of fun.

The lesson for the day?

Simple is good. Everything just flew along, no rules discussions, no arguments, no nothing. Just alot of problem solving, monster slaying, and role playing.

It just punctuated the whole simple approach is the best approach concept. It actually plays into role playing perfectly. If you use the role playing to decide the outcome of certain events...rule in favor of the story, not the mechanic....then the game is far more fluid, more surprising, and in the end, more fun?

Why? Because its more challenging. You don't know what's goign to happen next, because the rules, or their interpretation, is more fluid. And the game is always a surprise.

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