Wednesday, February 04, 2015


In the past week, whilst wandering around aimlessly in this fine city of Little Rock, I noticed two separate individuals, on two separate occasions with large and elaborate mustaches. 

The first was right out of the 19th century. He was sitting at an outdoor table in a coffee shop, reading the news paper. He was straight backed, clean, well groomed and with an air of confidence. He had a long, slightly upturned mustache. I thought I was in Austria for a moment and the Emperor Franz Joseph had just commented on Adolf Loos's house without eyebrows. I thought a boxing match might be in order.

A few days later, while at the courthouse, I noticed another fellow. This time his hair was silver, long and combed back and clean. His silvered mustaches were long too, turned and twirled about. He wore a suite with a vest and was carrying two coins in his hands, rubbing them together and he walked by. 

I wonder if its coming back into style.

This guy things so...

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