Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mr. Anderson's Books

The Anderson family has offered to scoop up your shares of Books A Million. 

The store was started by Clyde Anderson as a newstand in Alabama back in the 1950s or such. He reaped enough from that stand to buy a book store. His sons expanded on that store, creating Bookland stores in multiple locations.  In 1988 they opened the first superstore...Books A Million.

It has suffered many ups and downs, as any company does, since the early news stand days, but the family is tired of it. They want it back. 

It went public several decades ago, though the Andersons have a majority stake. Now they want to buy it all back and turn it into a private company. 

Good for them!!

If I had some shares, I'd sell 'em back to you Mr. Anderson.

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