Monday, February 02, 2015

Interesting News on the Big Bang

Last year . . . I believe we posted here on it . . . it was thought that signal waves in space had given proof to the expansion theory of the big bang as they indicated they were patterns of light left over by the big bang.

Turns out, that's not the case at all. In a very scientific approach to science, the scientists examined and re-examined their data, cross referenced it to make sure it was what they thought it was and found out that it was not. The signals are actually caused by cosmic dust, not early on lite waves.

Bravo to the European Space Agency! Read full article at SPACE . Com

The Expansion Theory....THEORY...must wait more evidence to confirm it.

(I say theory like that because the Big Bang is not a fact. People treat it as a fact, but its not a fact. Its a theory. Presently it is the prevailing scientific theory for the Universe's that is utterly incomplete because the theory doesn't explain where the original energy came from...its but a small singularity that caused the riff...its a theory like the dinosaur/asteroid theory...just a theory).

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Anonymous said...

The word "theory" get used differently by scientific community than outside of it. Most people use "theory" in the same way as "hypothesis". But in science, a theory must have evidence to support it, and Big Bang Theory has huge amount of evidence- large scale motion, cosmic background radiation, etc.

Also note that theories don't ever get labelled as "fact" in scientific parlance. It's not "Fact of Gravity", it's "Theory of Gravity". Everything is subject to new evidence and refinement.

Also of note, cosmologically speaking no external source of energy is required. Matter and energy can come from seemingly nothing- out of vacuum energy.