Monday, February 24, 2014

Sample from Codex Nordica

~From the Codex Nordica

It is a pagan Nordic custom to swear oaths and vows by the passing of a ring. This ring is the bond to that event and is a powerful symbol. One example of this are the rings of the Nibelungs in the Continental Germanic tale. Warriors would often have their loyalty ring(s) fixed into their weapon’s handles or scabbards, or worn on fingers, ears or by a pendant.

Either the ring is just made by smiths and artisans for the oath, specially customized, or they are recycled. The ritual is a system that first is an exchange of words between the oath maker and the one that the oath is sworn to, and then the passing of the ring onto the oath maker. This can elaborate as a ceremony or impromptu if needed. These rings can be large for the arm or small in size, but they are rarely plain or generic.

There is a magic involved in the bonding between oath makers and the rings given. Depending on the level of the oath the after effects can be severe if broken. Listed below are examples of how this can transpire:

LEVEL    OATH                               EFFECT
1              Service/Duty                     -2
2              Marriage                           -4
3              Service to Noble               -5
4              Oath to King                     -6
5              Vow to a God                    -8

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