Monday, February 10, 2014

Ragnarok and Oscillation and your salvation

Cycles. Ragnarok is the end of a cycle. The Oscillating universe theory is a cycle. The Mayan End is a cycle. Life is a cycle. All things cycle.

Cycles. The circle of life.

So as those of you who know me or remember my blog postings over the years, know I am interested in the universe. Gotta love its grandeur. So whenever I read a theory about this that or the other, it has to go through my 'brain gut' for a reason test. I can not put a finger on it, but some things just don't sound right to my brain gut.

The ever-expanding universe does not pass through the brain gut test. It just does not sound right. The oscillating universe does. Why, because it is a cycle.

Likewise, Ragnarok is a cycle, so it bears heavy fruit in my mind. Our destruction is coming. Maybe the universe will do a hasty Big Crunch. The true Captain of Crunches.

Maybe, but you better get Codex Nordica to find out what signs to look for and which Gods to watch!

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