Friday, February 28, 2014

Miinecraft the Movie

Warner Brothers has picked up the rights to a Minecraft movie . . .

Minecraft is a strange game. It redefined what's good graphics for video games. Having started video games way back in the 80s I've watched the graphic interface slowly improve until you have bad assery all over the place. But Minecraft is, for me, a throwback. But for kids, its just a game. Its gone from a thousand to millions of gamers who do everything from building huts to fighting in the Hunger Games.

Those who play could care less about the graphics, something I've always cared about, and just play the game for the fun of it. Watching so many kids play made me realize that video games have evolved, they are no longer judged on their beauty, or even their complexity, they are judged on their value as a game.

Its also spawned a mountain of youtube videos . . . warning this song is very peaceful and addictive.

And now we are going to get a movie! Trollzah. It should very interesting to see how they CGI this one!

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