Tuesday, February 11, 2014

John Carter of Mars - I think I loved this movie

I watched John Carter of Mars again the other night. I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. I think more on the second viewing than first. Though I honestly I can not remember my ration when I first saw the movie other than being favorable. I must have enjoyed a bit more than I thought since I watched it again. I rarely ever watch movies twice.

The leads were well cast jun my opinion. They were not over-the-top….

as could have easily been considering the subject matter. So I enjoyed watching both on screen together and apart.

The story was better than I remembered though I always dislike super-beings. Mostly though, the story is a romp through an early century sic-fi future. The story is sorta a fluff to let one enjoy the escapades of the main characters.

As for the sic-fi of it all. Who cares, its more a sic-fi fantasy than a straight up sic-fi and remember it is 100 plus years old.

The landscapes and cities were cool, the Thark rendering was great (only spoiled by my comic book heritage of seeing them more bulky).  The flying ships were really neat.

So all in all yeah, go read the book and watch the movie and maybe join the campaign to get the sequel going.


Christopher D. said...

Yes! I enjoyed John Carter of Mars as well. I've always been confused why it didn't do better at the box office. Saw it with three buddies and we all had a great time.

Is there a campaign to get a sequel? Have a link?

Anonymous said...

people couldnt get past the super leaping. It looks silly.

other than that, I liked the film. Too bad it was a huge bomb.

It only made $73 million domestically. ($284m world total) but the production costs were $250 million!! That doesnt include marketing budgets.

it lost a lot of money, so don't expect a sequel anytime soon (if ever).

Christopher Child said...

Was much better than the public realized. And I for one thought the "super leaping" looked cool and RELATIVELY realistic. Certainly better than flying with a cape. And Dejah Thoris was HOT.
…Actually, there aren't enough "O's" in the world to adequately describe how hot.

The Grey Elf said...

We could argue over and over about why John Carter failed--the real truth is (and Disney has copped to this) that it was horribly marketed. People actually lost their jobs over the marketing of that film.

It was actually a pretty outstanding pulp sci-fi movie and while it pretty well butchered the story of the novel, it did an excellent job of presenting the Martian culture about which Burroughs wrote. I loved it. And I'd love a sequel. It's still generating momentum and gaining a cult following on video, so you never know--now that Disney knows what the problem was, it may yet see a sequel some day.