Thursday, February 27, 2014

Harrison Ford saves Indiana Jones

So, apparently Harrison Ford has decided to hold Disney to Ransom - for ransom - something. Whatever. He has told Disney he would return to Star Wars if they gave him two more Indiana Jones's movies.

How Awesome is that.

Now, we must find a way to hold Disney to ransom for a John Carter reboot. Maybe we can say we will NOT support the new Star Wars without a new John Carter.

With Dejah Thoris

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dither said...

I didn't click through to the linked article to see if this was mentioned -- but one fun fact is that part of the original agreement (with Paramount? I don't recall) to even DO the Indiana Jones films, was that there would be at least six.

So really, this is just a move to hold them to the original agreement to do six Indiana Jones films. Four down, two to go. ;)