Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dejah Thoris or Red Sonja

In a dial who would win?

Dejah has a gun…..


Timothy Brannan said...

As much as I love Sonja, DT has a few hundred years of training ahead of her. Plus she is a Red Martian Princess and knows the value of life on Mars; ie it's not worth much.

Anonymous said...

Plus she has a gun.


Anonymous said...

As a counterpoint to Tim's argument, I think that Red Sonja would win.

Part of this is because training isn't linear in nature; eventually you reach a point of diminishing returns, until you're eventually working extremely hard just to maintain your skills, rather than improving them.

Moreover, as a character from Earth, Sonja would have John Carter-esque levels of physical ability compared to DT, which would give her an advantage.

Also, depending on which incarnation of Sonja being used, she'd also have Scathach's blessing empowering her further.